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Stay strong when your faith is tested. Pray and ask for guidance from Christ.

A teen prayingOur Youth Adult Ministry is a group where young men and women from the ages of 18 to 30 can find fellowship and belongingness. As a ministry, it focuses on strengthening a young adult’s spirituality by practicing self-reflection, studying scripture, and believing in the power of prayer.

Because the ministry continues to grow year after year, the members form strong bonds with each other, supporting their fellow brothers and sisters as they each face the many trials of young adulthood. It cannot be denied that the early years of adulthood are the most critical in a person’s spiritual growth. It is important that we stay strong as a ministry so we can help and guide each other.

We encourage the ministry’s members to build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, our Savior. We also initiate programs where we can spread God’s message of love and make disciples of all nations. Our various programs include discipleship and evangelization, community feeding programs for the homeless, and other similar humanitarian missions.