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Guidance in a Misguided World. God’s Love Lights the Way.

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Welcome to Christ Wonderful World Outreach Ministry

Do you feel lost and alone? Do you feel like you’ve lost your faith? If you are looking for guidance and inspiration, Christ Wonderful World Outreach Ministry is here to help you. In our ministry, we believe that God’s love lights the way. We are here to help free you from your current condition. For Jesus came forth and declared, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:16). This is a statement that no one else has ever said. The knowledge of the truth is, therefore, our only way of escape from the problems of our life.

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Want to help others find inspiration and hope through your personal experiences? Christ Wonderful World Outreach Ministry offers a platform where you can share your story with other members of the ministry.

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Food for Your Soul Daily Bible Readings

Reading the Scriptures on a daily basis is highly recommended. We offer Bible reading plans and other useful resources that can help you.

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