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                                            ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS

The Divinity School requires incoming students to have a National Collegiate Entrance Examination (NCEE) rating of at least 60 percentile, with verbal ability of at least 80 percentile.
Applicants with verbal ability rated below 80 percentile are required to take English 1.

Recent high school graduates must have an average rating of 85% or better.

Foreign student are to pass an English language proficiency Test.
The prospective student's decision should ordinarily start at the local church level, through a challenge to enter the seminary by either the church Pastor, Lay leaders, Familes, or even strictly personal Initiative

The prospect must have a good leadership potential and be actively involved in the activities of the local church, so that She/he may feel the challenge to go into full-time ministry.

S.T.C faculty reserves the right to make the final decision as to the admission of the Student.

Scholarship and Grants

Students who desire to go into full-time church vocation are urged, in the first place, to secure financial support by way of monetary commitment from their  own families, relatives and friends, local church and conference. S.T.C extends also to the needy students various types of supplementary scholarship.

The world that must be touch lighted by the WORD through sound TEACHING
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